US Democracy analyzed with respect to Electoral College votes per capita.

We often hear US lawmakers brag about "our great democracy".

They often seem to lecture other countries about US Democracy. It is also used as a justification to start hostilities.

The question is, is the United States of America a real democracy?

This site maintains it is not because just because the citizens can vote it does not make it a democracy. Because all votes are not counted equally! The Electoral College system isn't "one person, one vote".
A democracy, [Madison writes in the The Federalist Papers], is a form of government in which "the people meet and exercise the government in person; in a republic, they meet and administer it by their representatives and agents." From inception, the United States, as envisioned by its founders, was intended to be a Constitutional Republic in it's political creation. In the view of Hamilton, a direct democracy is a rule by the mob, destroying the rights of minorities and stakeholder in the new country . In the view of Madison, a centralized monarchy, while efficient (see China), runs counter to the American mentality.

Madison's goal was to create a Constitutional Republic that could address Hamilton's valid concerns.

The majority cannot run roughshod over the rights of the minority, nor can the minority of the wealthy and powerful control the fates of all in the name of security and efficiency. And in all cases, human nature, that of self-interest, must be accounted for. The government of the United States was, therefore, set up as a mechanism of checks and balances. Three means of government (Legislative, Judiciary and Executive) were set into place. Two houses of legislature (House and Senate). States retaining such rights in each of their jurisdictions , with the same checks and balances put in place in each of their13 (now 50) territories. This allows everyone to disagree, for what seems, forever. The government of the United States was not created to function swiftly or well. Only in times of crisis was the Executive empowered as Commander and Chief, to make swift Executive decisions in time of war. The US was basically set up not to work well at all. For there is only one thing worse than a government that does not work well. It is a government that works too well and strips the rights of the people it governs to question and intercedewith that government in times of dictatorship and facsism (see China, Nazi Germany, etc,,,). I suggest you all read The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, a series of letters published at the time of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution discussing the goals and structure of the new government of the Uniteds States of America,
There are instances in the history books where women had partial voting rights or partial suffrage. They had mathematically speaking, a voting weight of <1. When a woman could not vote at all, she had a vote weight of exactly 0, zero that is. Today that is called discrimination and is rectified.
The Electoral College was intended as a check/balance vs. mob rule. It was intended originally to prevent the overpopulated North from overwhelming the slave owning South. Nowadays, it is being used to prevent overpopulated cities from overwhelming the rural areas. The concern, of course, is that most people now live in cities. Cities of over 1M tend to be more "liberal". We are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. This was intended from the start. The concern was "mob rule".
Analysing US Democracy with respect to Electoral College votes per capita show mathematically how warped the votes are. The Electoral College is the reason why United States of America is NOT a democracy.

This makes the United States of America a Constitutional Republic.

Stop using the word Democracy!

An analysis of Electoral College votes per capita will show you why.

Follow the Electoral College votes per state. Then select a state to see how much the votes matter in that state relative to other states when normalized.
Want to calculate it for yourself? Look at the logic.
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